Spooneybarger Brothers {Beach Mini} Pensacola Beach, Florida Photographer

Omg, these kids…  Love shooting them!  I’ve been shooting them since they were both in womb 😉   This session was a little different though.  Max, resilient super hero Max, lost his lower part of his right leg in a freak accident just a couple months ago.  Let that sink in.  Just a couple months ago.  Look at him!  Not phased at all!  He is exactly the same as he was before, but now he just has a super cool leg to show off.  I seriously love how far prosthesis have come.  His leg had “tattoos” all over it with the super cool Avengers.  So fitting!  Max is definitely a super hero!  But let’s not forget sweet little Myles.  We missed his 6 month milestone when all of this is going on so here is 9 months and oh so cute!  He’s standing, has a few teeth and give the best smiles.  Love watching these kids grow up!

Also, this was the day that Max was released to go to the beach for the first time since his accident!  Love the shots of him and his dad on the boogie board!  Oh my heart!!  #lovemyjob

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